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Poison Punch

Poison Punch

If you’re hosting this Halloween, this gin punch is easy to prepare in advance. The edible glitter gives the cocktails a velvet-look, making a showstopping party drink.

Sharing style drink in carafe
50ml OR 2 Parts Beefeater Dry
50ml OR 2 Parts Apple Juice
50ml OR 2 Parts Cranberry juice
25ml OR 1 Part grenadine
¼ tsp Edible Glitter (Upscale accordingly)
How to make a
Poison Punch
Step 1. Mix all of the ingredients into the punch bowl and stir for the edible glitter
Step 2. Multiply the ingredients by the number of servings
Step 3. Add ice into glasses when serving, or serve with Dry Ice in a punch bowl.

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