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Witches' Fizz

Witches' Fizz

Trick your guests with this eery garnish on a surprisingly elegant cocktail. A simple cocktail, topped with prosecco, makes an easy showstopper for your Halloween drinks.

Champagne flute
5 Big strawberries
40ml Beefeater Pink
25ml San Pellegrino Blood Orange
Champagne or Prosecco to top
1tsp water
1tsp strawberry Jam
How to make a
Witches' Fizz
Step 1. Create a fresh strawberry puree: Blend your strawberries and strain through a sieve.
Step 2. ** For Witch’s Blood: Strain the strawberry jam through a sieve and set aside.
Step 3. Rim the glass with Witches’ blood.
Step 4. Add Pink, puree and blood orange sparkling juice to champagne flute.
Step 5. Stir gently and top with prosseco.
Witches' Blood **

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