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Beefeater Beefeater

Gin Distillery

The History

Welcome to one of London’s best kept secrets - the Beefeater Distillery in Kennington – where our gin is still hand-crafted to a recipe that is virtually unchanged since the 1800s.

London, one of the world’s great cities, has played a leading role in the development of London Dry Gin, one of the world’s great drinks. From the dawn of English gin distilling, the history of London and Beefeater Gin has been closely intertwined.

Housed in an Edwardian building with a 1950s extension, the Beefeater Distillery features original Victorian pot stills and a botanical room, where the fresh ingredients are stored. A custom-built visitor centre allows connoisseurs to see the original stills, view the distilling process and learn about the history of gin in London.

Beefeater Distillery

Welcome to the Beefeater Gin Distillery

For the first time in 150 years, you are able to see how the World's Most Awarded Gin is made: walk through the history of London Gin; smell and touch the botanicals that make Beefeater Gin unique; and taste the finished product!

Distillery Facilities



Our distillery is fully wheelchair accessible with lift access

Visitor Center

Visitor Center

The unique Distillery shop carries a wide-range of gifts and Beefeater merchandise



The Beefeater Distillery is situated in the heart of Kennington, surrounded by numerous bars, cafes and restaurants to suit every taste and budget



Accessible toilets and baby-change facilities are within the Distillery

Interactive tours

Interactive tours

Our iPad app compliments the tour with additional interactive information

Distillery Tour
Gift Certificates

Our gift certificate is the perfect solution for a great gift idea. Let a
friend or loved one experience a gin tour at one of England’s oldest gin distilleries.