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Strawberry & Coconut Fizz

Strawberry & Coconut Fizz

Strawberries are ideal for this simple and tasty cocktail, though other red berries work just as well. This light cocktail, topped with soda, looks pretty and has a fruity and tropical vibe.

Fruity Light Fresh
Highball Collins
1 part Beefeater London Dry Gin
2 parts coconut water
4-6 strawberries (depending on juiciness - or other berries if strawberries are not available)
3 mint leaves
1/4 part agave syrup or honey syrup
Soda water
How to make a
Strawberry & Coconut Fizz
Step 1. Add Beefeater London Dry and coconut water and shake with ice
Step 2. Fine strain into glass
Step 3. Top with ice and soda water
Step 4. Garnish with strawberry slice and coconut shavings
Half a strawberry & coconut shavings

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