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Festive Negroni

Festive Negroni

Negroni makes the perfect pre-dinner cocktail. A delightful infusion of bitter zest and Christmas spice, serve your guests this classic Italian aperitif with a festive twist.

25ml Beefeater London Dry Gin
25ml Sweet Vermouth
25ml Bitter Aperitif
How to make a
Festive Negroni
Step 1. Then add cinnamon stick, clove studded orange peel & Star Anise to drink.
Step 2. Got time? Why not pre-batch for more flavour?
Step 3. Toast spices gently in a pan to release aromas – add to a kilner jar followed by specified ingredients (multiply the proportion by how many serves you require).
Step 4. Once infused, add water to dilute to optimal taste. Fine strain into a sealed bottle / container & store.

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