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Fresh Basil Smash

Fresh Basil Smash

The Basil Smash is a light cocktail- ideal for spring afternoons. The use of fresh basil brings out lovely herbaceous notes- complemented by the perhaps surprising addition of olive oil for a satisfying mouthfeel.

50ml Beefeater Dry
Bunch of fresh basil
25ml fresh lemon juice
10 ml agave syrup
2.5ml extra virgin olive oil
How to make a
Fresh Basil Smash
Step 1. Place basil and lemon into a shaker.
Step 2. Gently muddle the lemon.
Step 3. Add agave syrup, olive oil and Beefeater Gin and top up with ice.
Step 4. Shake vigorously.
Step 5. Fine strain into a rocks glass.
Step 6. Add ice and garnish.
Sprig of basil

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