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Introducing Beefeater Crown Jewel

The House of Beefeater is proud to unveil the much-anticipated return of Beefeater Crown Jewel – the pinnacle of our gin collection.

Inspired by the iconic jewels housed in the Tower of London, this modern re-imagining of a rare gem embodies London’s timeless spirit.

Treasured by bartenders worldwide, Beefeater Crown Jewel is an elevated version of our signature house style;
the addition of refreshing grapefruit and boldly heightened 50% strength (in comparison to Beefeater London Dry Gin) resulting in a perfectly balanced gin, with clarity of flavour and unmistakeable depth.

Captured in a ruby inspired bottle, this versatile liquid delivers an expression that is multi-faceted in its appearance and possibilities.

Our most guarded gem is now reborn into a modern icon.

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Confident juniper and citrus aroma. Full, rounded and encompassing.


Fresh grapefruit-led citrus at the start leads to the bolder kick of classic juniper at the crown.

A long progression of warm spices and a hint of liquorice sweetness finish with a reminder of deeper citrus notes.

The botanicals are beautifully balanced providing long, complex flavours that excite the palate through to the finish.

The higher alcohol strength of 50% ABV. does not deliver any alcohol burn on the palate but instead supports and lifts the delivery of the ten botanicals.

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Two iconic approaches to a martini from two legends of the cocktail world, Mr Lyan and Alessandro Palazzi

Beefeater Crown Jewel