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Pomegranate Negroni

Pomegranate Negroni

A fun take on the classic negroni. The addition of pomegranate juice gives the negroni a refreshing tannin note as well as lowering the abv slightly. You could also top with soda for a twist on an Americano cocktail.

Herbal Bitter Tart
Coupe Rocks
1 part Beefeater London Dry Gin
3/4 part Campari
1/4 part Lillet Blanc
splash of pomegranate juice
2 dashes orange bitters
How to make a
Pomegranate Negroni
Step 1. Add all ingredients into a mixing glass and add ice
Step 2. Stir until chilled
Step 3. Strain into class and add ice
Step 4. Garnish with orange twist
Orange twist

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