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Mango Cup

Mango Cup

Can’t think of anything more quintessentially British than a cup of tea? Meet our Mango Cup – earl grey tea meets Beefeater London Dry to create the perfect winter warmer.

4 / 10
50ml Beefeater London Dry
250ml spiced mango earl grey
How to make a
Mango Cup
Step 1. Start by making the spiced mango earl grey – boil 6 cloves, 1.5 large cinnamon sticks and a handful diced ginger in 30oz water for 3 minutes, reduce the heat, add an earl grey tea bag, 1oz honey and half a chopped mango. Strain.
Step 2. Heat the spiced mango earl grey, combine in a mug with Beefeater London Dry. Garnish and serve.
Skewer of mango with fresh mint

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