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Beefeater - Spirit of London Beefeater - Spirit of London

The Spirit of London

The Spirit of London

The oldest distiller, in the heart of the city
With London in spirit, ever since 1820.
But London isn't just our home. And London isn't just a place.
It comes from deep within our bones, it runs in lines across our face.
That unique spirit distilled into every drop of gin we make
And those who drink it, know it, think it,
Live it in their day to day.

There's more to it than heritage,
There's more to it than buildings separated by a strip of water.

All of it's informed within this city of explorers;
It's imported and important and it broadens beyond the borders.
London's spirit isn't in it's bridges falling down-
It's substance is in something bigger, which is forming now.

People come together from all over to build London's flavour:
Young creatives, rugged skaters, couples dating, trouble makers.
It comes out in the subtle ways. It's understated, just a taste.
It's unexpected, undiscovered, when it comes there's nothing greater.

Anyone who's ever wondered if there's more to things.
Anyone who's ever wanted to explore within.

This isn't simply London's spirit- it's the world's most awarded gin.
Grab a glass. Pour it in.
Here's to all of it.

Beefeater. The Spirit of London.

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The Spirit of London

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