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What to mix with pink gin

There’s so many varieties of gin, but none are quite as popular as pink gin. With its pretty blush colour and delicate, sweet flavour, it’s become a favourite for gin lovers everywhere. And it’s also super easy to mix.


Infused with natural strawberry flavouring, Beefeater Pink Gin is a vibrant twist on our London Dry Gin’s original recipe. Classic notes of juniper and citrus are balanced with a hit of sweet berry. Perfect for pouring over ice, into a mixer or using in any of your go-to gin cocktails.


So whether you’re new to the pink gin club, or looking for a new way to mix up your favourite pink spirit, keep on reading. Here’s the best mixers for pink gin. 


tonic water

You can’t beat a G&T. Unless you make a Pink Gin and Tonic of course. The sweetness of the pink gin is mellowed by the bitterness of the quinine in tonic. It’s a simple remix on the original gin mixer, but one that’s guaranteed to go down a storm.


You can also try pink gin with flavoured tonic waters that complement the gin’s strawberry sweetness. Try a light, floral elderflower tonic, or pink rhubarb for a super summery serve.


soda water

Swapping to soda water is a slightly lighter alternative to a G&T that is more about the gin than the mixer. The crisp, clear bubbles let the flavour of the gin sing rather than balancing it with bitter notes. This makes soda water the perfect choice if you really want to taste the gin’s botanicals. 


Especially when you use our vibrant strawberry gin. The lightness of the soda water allows the sweet, fruity notes to take centre stage, making every sip refreshing and delightful.


The tartness of tonic water isn’t for everyone. If you prefer a sweeter serve, try mixing pink gin with lemonade or lemon soda to add a kick of citrus freshness. Lemonade’s natural sweetness and tangy edge complement the floral and fruity notes of pink gin, enhancing its flavours without overpowering them. 


It’s the simplest way to let the pink gin shine and celebrate its sweet strawberry hit. Plus, it’s an easy crowd-pleaser, perfect for those warm, sunny afternoons when you want a drink that’s both refreshing and satisfying.

elderflower cordial

Elderflower and dry gin are a classic combination. But have you tried it with a pink gin twist? The floral notes of the elderflower cordial work beautifully with the pink gin’s berry flavour, creating a light, aromatic drink that tastes just like summer.


It’s perfect for those moments when you want a sophisticated yet simple cocktail that feels like a special treat, whether you’re enjoying a relaxed evening alfresco or entertaining friends.

ginger ale

Pink gin and ginger ale are a delicious mixer that celebrate the best of nature’s flavours. The lightly spiced ginger soda complements the soft, fruity pink twist whilst pairing with the gin’s classic notes of juniper and citrus.


This gin mixer is the perfect balance of sweet and spicy whilst still being light and refreshing. Serve with lots of ice or make a pitcher next time you’ve got company.

ginger beer

For a spicier serve, swap to ginger beer. This warming mixer is packed with fiery ginger flavour that works perfectly with the sweetness of pink gin. 


We love to use the gin and ginger beer combination to make up our twist on a Moscow Mule. With a dash of lime juice and ginger syrup, you can put together a Pink Floradora, the ultimate summer cocktail.

sparkling wine

Give your gin a glamorous twist with a top up of Prosecco or sparkling wine. It’s simple, sophisticated and a great celebratory drink to share with friends. 


We love to call this mix the Pink French 75, a twist on the classic French 75 cocktail with the addition of elderflower liqueur for a floral, fresh aftertaste.


Pink gin and coke is a newcomer to the gin mixer scene, having become a more popular pick over recent years. This combination brings together the sweet, caramel notes of Coke with the fruity and floral undertones of pink gin, resulting in a uniquely delicious drink. 


Together, you get a sweet, botanical concoction that’s fresh and berry sweet, with similar vibes to a berry Coke float. It’s an unexpected yet delightful pairing that’s perfect for those looking to try something new.

lemon or lime juice

A squeeze of fresh citrus fruit adds a serious freshness to pink gin’s sweet flavour. It’s also the base combination for many pink gin cocktails


Shake a sprinkle of sugar with pink gin and lime juice and you’ve got yourself a chilled berry Pinklet. Or use lemon, sugar syrup and a dash of blackberry liqueur to make a fruity Pink Gin Bramble

grapefruit juice

Balance the sweetness of pink gin’s strawberry twist with the tart bitter edge of grapefruit juice. This citrus fruit is a surprisingly good mixer that brings out the gin’s zesty botanicals and earthy juniper notes. Always serve with plenty of ice and a grapefruit wedge garnish for extra freshness.



Now you know how to mix pink gin, it’s time to get pouring. Grab your bottle of Beefeater Pink Gin and make your favourite recipe. Or try something new – you really can’t go wrong.


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