Gin is one of the most versatile spirits. It can be used as a base for a HUGE range of cocktails from a Spritz to a Cosmopolitan. Or if you really want to focus on the subtleties – you can also drink it neat. 

But sometimes the simplest and best way to sip a gin is with a mixer over ice. 

Pretty much any mixer goes with gin, from fresh fruit juices like grapefruit and orange, to fizzy sodas and cordials.

If you’re stuck on ideas for what to mix with gin, here’s our favourite recipes.


The best gin mixers


The most popular mixer to drink with gin is, of course, tonic water. It’s a classic for a reason: the bitterness of the tonic water balances and reflects the botanicals. Whilst the fizz of the tonic water gives Beefeater Gin an effervescence, bringing those citrus notes bursting out, all while maintaining that award-winning juniper character. Check out how to make a perfect G&T with our go-to Gin and Tonic recipe.



Riff on the iconic G&T with a flavoured tonic water. We love tonics with citrus flavours like lemon or grapefruit that let our botanicals sing or a light, floral flavour such as elderflower. When we’re feeling more adventurous, yuzu, pepper and even rose tonics pair well with Beefeater Gin.


What can I mix with gin instead of tonic?

Don’t like the bitter tang of tonic? No problem. There’s so many more mixers to pair with gin from lemon soda to ginger ale. 



Made even more famous by the (excellent) song Gin and Juice by Snoop Dogg, gin and juice has no specific recipe. It’s a freestyle cocktail – use whatever juices you like to create a fruity gin cocktail. 


What juice is best with gin?

You can’t go wrong when pairing gin and juice. We like orange juice with a top of up grapefruit to perfectly complement the Sevillian orange peel in London Dry Gin. But other juices also work well such as pineapple, lemon and lime.



Cordials are a great way to mix up your gin drink. And nothing works quite as well as lime. The sweet, citrus flavour really brings out the freshness of London Dry Gin.



Gin and elderflower are a match made in gin heaven. The floral flavours of elderflower are a perfect match for gin’s botanicals. Mix up a pitcher of cordial and pour over gin on ice.



For those of us with a sweet tooth, mixing gin with lemonade is one alternative to using the classic tonic water. Especially bright with Beefeater Pink Strawberry. 



For an even sweeter alternative, try pink lemonade. Just like pink gin, this twist is infused with strawberries for extra pink summer vibes.



Put the ‘Gin’ in ‘Ginger’ with this spirit and mixer combo. Ginger is naturally warming and with a hint of spice – a blend that sits perfectly with the subtle juniper notes in Beefeater Gin.



For a real winter warmer cocktail, Ginger Beer is a stronger, warmer gingery ingredient than the very similar ginger ale. We love to take things up a notch with this one and make a delicious hot cocktail – the GINger Apple.



We love this old school mixer that packs a lemony punch without too much sweetness. Serve with lots of ice and a lemon wedge for the ultimate refreshing summer drink.



Mix gin with tomato juice and you’ve got yourself the start of a gin Bloody Mary, otherwise known as a Red Snapper. This botanical take on a classic cocktail is a real treat. Add a dash of Worcestershire sauce, Tabasco and lemon, and garnish with a stick of celery.



Get a lighter scotch and soda vibe – we like to add in an extra kick of citrus to really bring out the fruit notes in Beefeater Gin. Try soda water with a little squeeze of orange.  



Coca Cola and gin aren’t as well known as the classic whisky or rum mixer. But it’s actually a great twist that brings out both liquid’s aromatic flavours. Add a citrus wedge to keep things fresh.



Tea is a delicate balance of flavours – just like gin. Try using iced tea that’s infused with fruit for extra sweetness. Or, switch things up with one of our hot cocktail recipes. Earl Grey makes a surprisingly good cocktail ingredient!



Forget Irish coffee, meet gin coffee. You might not have tried this mixer before but together you can make a gin twist on an Espresso Martini. Try our Orange Espresso Martini to get the full taste.


ICE or water

Drinking gin neat might not be as common as with spirits like whisky, but for a true aficionado’s sip, try a small measure, chilled over ice, for a real exploration of all the botanical details in Beefeater Gin. Or add a few drops of water to mellow the gin’s alcoholic strength.

Always enjoy Beefeater Gin responsibly – go for a slow savour. 



A highly sophisticated mixer, for sure. If you’re looking for a way to give your gin a little glamour, top with champagne or Prosecco. We love this with Beefeater Pink Strawberry Gin – for an extra flourish try the Pink 75, the pink gin takes on a classic ‘French 75’.



Gin and vermouth go way back. Think of a classic Martini that stirs these two ingredients together over ice. Or an Italian Negroni that adds Campari to the duo. Sweet or dry vermouth is used for different variations of each depending on whether you prefer a more bitter or fuller bodied taste.



Just like Dry Gin, flavoured gins work with almost any mixer. It all depends on the ingredients. For fruity gins like Peach and Raspberry or lemon flavoured gin, try with light mixers such as lemonade or soda water. Or mix seasonal flavours like Rhubarb and Cranberry with spiced ginger ale and complementary cranberry juice.


For even more gin drinking inspo, head over to our collection of gin cocktail recipes and join us behind the bar.