Love is in the air here at Beefeater. It’s hard not to fall head over heels in love with the world’s most awarded gin, trust us. With date night right around the corner, dinner reservations have been made, and outfits have been picked out. 


What’s on the drinks menu you ask? Regardless if you and your boo have a hot date or if you’re running a Lonely Hearts with your mates, our top romantic cocktails are sure to set the mood. Grab your favourite Beefeater gin, hit play on “Careless Whisper” (by George Michael, duh), and let’s shake up some romance.


These are the best cocktails for Valentine’s Day, our most romantic drinks ever. Or, if you’re not feeling the love, we’ve got a couple of recipes that will melt your heart lined up.


Delete the dating apps! You’ve found the Perfect Lady, and she’s just peachy. This cocktail is a playful twist on the classic White Lady, made with our Peach and Raspberry gin. Shaking this one up will definitely impress your date. Tinder could never…


Hit Play: She’s A Lady – Tom Jones

pink 75 cocktail



Allow us to set the scene. Rose petals, chocolate covered strawberries and bubbles. Except the bubbles have had a glow up. The Pink 75 is a flirty twist on the classic French 75. With Beefeater Pink Strawberry and an elderflower twist, your date will be delightfully surprised.


Deceptively simple and low effort but by dressing up the glass with a gorgeous garnish, this one is sure to impress. Use champagne rosé for extra romance. Expectations will be high, the Pink 75 will exceed them without breaking a sweat.


Hit Play: At Last – Etta James


Is there anything dishier than a martini? If it’s good enough for James Bond or Kris Jenner, it’s good enough for your hot date. The fresh punch of lemon peel, the chilled glass, the silky, velvety texture. 


The martini is a staple for any date night, and with Beefeater’s London Dry in your corner, you’re onto a winner. 


Top tip: wow your guest and freeze the gin and the glasses before making the martinis. This will keep them colder for longer (colder = better). 


Hit Play: Wicked Game – Chris Isaaks

Pink Strawberry Bramble cocktail recipe - Beefeater Gin

The Pink Bramble uses crushed ice to ensure a perfectly balanced sip. It’s tart yet fruity, with a sweeter kick thanks to our beloved Pink Strawberry gin. 


It’s guaranteed to go down a treat- we will leave taking chances to love.  


Hit Play: Take A Chance On Me -ABBA

Rhubarb Cranberry Gin Mojito cocktail recipe - Beefeater Gin
Rhubarb and Cranberry Crush

Fresh and tart, the Rhubarb and Cranberry Crush is a great way to send a flirty message.  It’s got apple juice for sweetness, and make sure to use crushed ice for that perfect level of dilution. A great way to bring the zing of Beefeater Rhubarb and Cranberry out.


Oh and it’s got a touch of mint to keep you fresh. Thank us later. 


Hit Play: Crush- Jennifer Paige


Blood Orange Hot Negroni cocktail recipe - Beefeater Gin



Is it hot in here? Or is it just a Hot Negroni? This twist on the iconic negroni will keep you and your date cosy. The bitter Blood Orange flavour perfectly compliments the wintery spices.


Using some leftover cinnamon from Christmas and chamomile tea, this delicious cocktail is perfect to end the night on. It’s steamy, spiced and seductively easy to put together. 

Hit Play: Hotter Than Hell – Dua Lipa


If you’re not so lucky in love, don’t you worry. We’ve got the singletons out there out there covered with these two delicious cocktails. Get the group around and share out these drinks with your friends.

Lemon & Elderflower Spritz cocktail recipe - Beefeater Gin

If your situationship still hasn’t made plans with you, make plans with this cocktail. This lemony Zesty Spritz will compliment the bitter taste left in your mouth from yet another disappointment. Ever heard of turning lemons into lemonade? Think of this as lemonade’s glow up. And a great way to enjoy Beefeater Zesty Lemon.


Make a pitcher of the Zesty Spritz for you and your friends, and turn on Netflix, because when has Channing Tatum ever let you down? Exactly.  


Hit Play: thank u, next -Ariana Grande

Peach Frose


Peach Frosé

Thaw your frosé heart… Only kidding! Our Peach Frosé is a Galentine’s classic, fruity and fun. Blitz up the gin, fruit and rosé with ice in a blender and let the noise drown out your heartbreak and get the party started.


Easy to whip up and the perfect cocktail for sharing. You’ll fall in love with Beefeater Peach and Raspberry, the perfect partner who will never let you down.


Hit Play: Cold Heart (PNAU Remix)- Elton John + Dua Lipa