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The best fruity gin cocktails to serve year round

Fruity cocktails work all year round. And they work even better with gin. From spiced apple serves for autumn sipping, to punchy strawberry coolers to keep you fresh this summer. Every fruity flavour pairs beautifully with the clean, balanced taste of gin. 


Whether you’re more citrus than sweet, or feeling very berry, read on for the best fruity gin cocktails you’re guaranteed to love.


What fruit mixes well in gin?

Gin is a spirit that mixes with any fruit. Citrus fruits like orange, lemon and lime are a great pairing for London Dry Gin’s bold, juniper character if you want a lighter, zesty serve. Whereas sweet berries and cherries work perfectly with Pink Gin. Other tropical fruits or more sour flavours also marry with the gin’s tangy notes, like grapefruit, pineapple and passionfruit. 


When it comes to mixing fruit and gin, you really can’t go wrong! Especially when you pair with our collection of fruity flavoured spirits like Zesty Lemon or Rhubarb & Cranberry. Pick your favourite flavour and get shaking. Here’s our top fruity gin cocktails to get you inspired.


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frozen strawberry ginita

Kick start summer cocktail hour with the Frozen Strawberry Ginita. It’s fruity, refreshing and easy to make. A bit like a classic Daiquiri, but this time with Beefeater Pink Gin. All you have to do is blend gin, lemon juice and sugar syrup with strawberries and ice to get this frozen summer slushie.

Peach & Raspberry Gin & Tonic cocktail recipe - Beefeater Gin

peach and raspberry g&t

Give your G&T a fruity twist to make an easy cocktail you can drink all year round. The Peach and Raspberry Gin and Tonic is one of our favourites, made easy with our fruity flavoured gin. Garnish with peach slices and raspberries for extra sweetness with every sip.

Pomegranate Gin Fizz cocktail recipe - Beefeater Gin

pomegranate gin fizz

Pomegranate cocktails aren’t as common as berry or citrus, but boy are they good. This Pomegranate Gin Fizz is a fruity twist on a traditional Collins cocktail, using Dry Gin, lemon, sugar syrup and pomegranate juice, topped with a bubbly layer of soda water. Add pomegranate seeds and plenty of ice for a delicious looking finish.


beefeeater pink strawberry bramble cocktail aspect ratio 4 4

strawberry bramble

The Bramble is a go-to fruity gin cocktail. But if you want things extra sweet, you’ve got to try this super berry remix. Made with pink gin, the Strawberry Bramble is a pretty, pink drink that calls for alfresco cocktail hour with friends.


Blood Orange Spritz cocktail recipe - Beefeater Gin

blood orange gin spritz

If you like refreshing citrus drinks, you’ll love a Blood Orange Gin Spritz. This zesty cocktail mixes our blood orange flavoured gin with fresh lime juice and ginger ale for a subtle spiced taste. Add Prosecco or sparkling wine for fizzy sweetness and voila! You’ve got yourself a delicious fruity drink that’ll take you from spring till autumn.


beefeater london dry gin mango fresh ginita cocktail aspect ratio 4 4

mango ginita

This fruity gin cocktail is all about those tropical flavours. Perfect for super hot summer afternoons. Mango juice, lemon, sugar syrup and gin make up a Mango Ginita, with a couple of dashes of orange bitters to balance out the sweetness. 


beefeater london dry gin ginger apple cocktail recipe

GINger gin apple

Get cosy this autumn with an apple ginger cocktail. It’s our take on a Hot Toddy, made with tons of fruity apple flavours and fresh lemon. Serve hot with a slug of ginger beer for a fiery kick, and honey to keep things sweet.


beefeater rhubarb cranberry cosmo cocktail aspect ratio 4 4

rhubarb and cranberry gin cosmopolitan

A Cosmopolitan is a classic fruity cocktail. But have you tried a Gin Cosmopolitan? Using Beefeater Rhubarb and Cranberry Gin, we’ve given the original recipe an even fruitier spin for those who like to make things their own. 

Peach & Raspberry Gin Spritz cocktail recipe - Beefeater Gin

peach and raspberry gin SPRITZ

The Gin Spritz just got fruity. Made with our flavoured gin, the Peach and Raspberry Gin Spritz is super refreshing, super bubbly and super easy to make. Lemonade and sparkling wine keep things light. Whilst a thyme, peach and raspberry garnish add plenty of good looking fruity freshness.


Passionfruit Ginita frozen lemonade cocktail recipe - Beefeater Gin

passionfruit ginita

Get summer ready with this passionfruit gin cocktail. It’s tangy, fresh and frozen – just how summery cocktails should be. Blend passionfruit with gin, lemon juice, agave syrup and ice before topping with lemonade. Then serve under the sun and pretend you’re in the tropics.

Peach Frose frozen raspberry & peach gin cocktail recipe - Beefeater Gin

peach gin frosé

This frozen peach cocktail is simply delicious. Made with peach and raspberry gin, rosé wine and a couple of handfuls of frozen fruit, you can’t go wrong. Guaranteed to have you feeling peachy all summer long.

pink strawberry cooler cocktail

strawberry gin cooler

Keep things simple with our pink gin strawberry highball. It’s bright, light and super sweet. Perfect for pleasing a crowd. Muddle strawberries with lemon and simply syrup before shaking with pink gin. Then strain, serve and top with soda water. It doesn’t get fresher than that.

originalsizejpeg beefeater dry digitalasset wintertoolkit image gin pineapple punch 4x5 aspect ratio 4 4


Who said fruity gin cocktails had to be cool? Well, this one’s still a showstopper but it’s far from icy. Our Pineapple Gin Punch is served hot with homemade pineapple tonic syrup to keep you toasty throughout winter, as you reminisce of warmer days. It’s also a great pick for cold summer nights when the weather isn’t so balmy.


beefeater peach raspberry perfect lady cocktail 1 aspect ratio 4 4


Name a more perfect cocktail than the Perfect Lady. It’s a sweet twist on a classic White Lady, made using Beefeater Peach and Raspberry Gin for extra fruitiness. The signature foamy top and cinnamon, vanilla garnish adds a pinch of spice – plus it looks super impressive.



looking for more cocktails?

Looking for more drinks to make with your favourite Beefeater Gin? Discover our go-to easy gin cocktails for when you want something simple. Or try our lemon gin cocktails if citrus is your thing. Not sure what you fancy? Give our Vibe Mixer a whirl to discover which recipe you should make next from our selection of gin cocktail recipes.

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