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The best gin and elderflower cocktails to sip in the sunshine

Elderflower and gin is a classic combination. It’s fresh, light and packed with natural flavours reminiscent of those you’d find in the garden. The perfect way to welcome spring and (fingers crossed) a new season of warmer weather.


The delicate, floral taste of elderflower is a perfect match for the botanicals that make up the flavour of gin, from bold juniper to citrus lemon peel. Making a light, easy going drink that anyone can enjoy.


And with plenty of elderflower flavoured liquids to go around, it couldn’t be easier to add the taste of spring to your gin cocktail. Try a simple tonic or pour in a dash of cordial. And don’t forget to top with a seasonal garnish to complement the drink. Mint leaves, lemon wheels, fresh berries or even elderflower blossom – you can’t go wrong.


From simple serves to celebratory drinks, here we share the best gin and elderflower cocktails to enjoy from spring till summer.




Gin and elderflower are both light, clean flavours. So they naturally work well together. We love pairing elderflower liqueur, tonic or syrup with our award winning London Dry Gin which is based on James Burrough’s original 19th century recipe. It’s perfectly balanced and easy to mix.   Elderflower also works beautifully with flavoured gins like our Rhubarb & Cranberry Gin and Pink Strawberry Gin. The refreshing, floral elderflower notes pair with the fruity sweetness as well as citrus flavours like lemon, orange and lime.

gin and elderflower cocktail recipes

Lemon & Elderflower Spritz cocktail recipe - Beefeater Gin

lemon and elderflower spritz?

Get the garden furniture out and serve a round of this spring sipper. The Lemon & Elderflower Spritz is guaranteed to go down a storm (even if the weather does too) and can easily be made for one or many. Serve a jug for help yourself pouring, or top up a glass just for you next time the sun comes out.

Our zesty lemon flavoured gin, elderflower cordial and Lillet Blanc create a zesty, floral base over plenty of ice. Top with cucumber tonic water for extra freshness, or sparkling wine for sweet, bubbly fizz. Then garnish with lots of lemon and mint and serve with a straw.

pink gin spritz

Put a fruity, floral twist on a classic gin spritzer. Easy to make and a serious crowd pleaser, the Pink Gin Spritz needs to be in your repertoire. It’s pink, pretty and made for summer.

Pink Gin flavoured with sweet strawberries and a splash of elderflower cordial keep things light and fruity. Whilst aromatic tonic and Prosecco bring the bubbles. Gently stir, add ice and garnish with a mint sprig and strawberry slice.

elderflower g&t

You can’t get more classic than a Gin and Tonic. Bitter, light and wonderfully refreshing, it’s a favourite for any gin drinker. This famous combination has seen every kind of remix and elderflower is one of the most popular.

There’s a few ways to make it, so no matter what you have in the cupboard, you’re good to go. Add a dash of elderflower cordial or liqueur to your G&T mix. Or use elderflower flavoured tonic for an even easier pour. Serve with plenty of ice and a citrus garnish.

pink french 75

If you’ve got guests coming, you’ll want to mix up a drink for the occasion. Enter the Pink French 75, a sweet, bubbly cocktail that’s perfect for celebrating with. 

The pink gin twist adds a fruitier flavour to the original French 75 recipe. With elderflower liqueur to keep things light and balanced. Use Prosecco brut or rosé for a dryer or sweeter serve and garnish with a raspberry.


elderflower collins

The Tom Collins is a classic gin cocktail, made with the straightforward mix of gin, lemon juice, sugar and soda. What could be more refreshing? 

Well, adding a dash of elderflower cordial will do the trick. Use the ratio 2:1:1 of gin, elderflower and lemon to get a perfectly zesty, floral drink. And feel free to add even more fruit like in our Pomegranate Gin Fizz, a fun twist on the original Collins recipe.

elderflower gin spritz

Put a spin on a classic Gin Spritz cocktail with this floral twist. The Gin Spritz is a traditionally smooth, silky drink that balances sweet sugar and sharp lemon with a frothy egg white top. It’s great as it is, but can be even better when you add additional flavour.

Mix in a dash of elderflower liqueur or cordial before you shake and strain into your glass. The elderflower and lemon will balance each other beautifully, creating a sweet, zesty drink.

elderflower martini

There’s many ways to serve a Gin Martini. Dry, perfect, dirty… the list goes on. But when it comes to spring and summer sipping, you’ve got to give this version a go.

Mix three parts Dry Gin to one part elderflower liqueur and pour as much vermouth in as you please. Our preference is to stir, not shake. Using plenty of ice to dilute and chill the liquid. Serve into a cold glass and garnish with a lemon peel twist.

Looking for more drinks to sip in the sunshine? Check out our favourite spring gin cocktails as well as our top summer drinks made with Beefeater Gin.

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