Lemon is a classic cocktail ingredient. A squeeze of fresh juice, peel of a rind or lemon wheel garnish… there’s plenty of ways to use this citrus fruit. But our favourite has to be with Beefeater Zesty Lemon


Our lemon flavoured gin puts a citrus twist on our original London Dry for extra zingy freshness. It works great on its own over ice. But it also makes an exceptional lemon gin cocktail.


So whether you’re looking for a light summer tipple or wishing away those winter blues, here’s our favourite gin and lemon drinks to get sipping.


beefeater zesty lemon fizz cocktail
Lemon Fizz

Enjoy the sharp, zingy side of lemon with a Lemon Fizz. This bittersweet lemon and gin drink looks amazing (thanks to its light frothy top and edible flower garnish) but tastes even better. 

It’s the ultimate spring party cocktail. With plenty of citrus flavour and a soda water pour, it’s light yet packed with flavour. And it couldn’t be easier to make. Just shake, strain and serve.

White Negroni cocktail recipe - Beefeater Gin
White Negroni

The Negroni is a summer staple. But if you like to do things differently, then you’ll want to try this lemon spin. 

Meet the White Negroni, a zesty twist on a classic cocktail made with lemon gin. Lillet Blanc brings mild honeyed sweetness whilst a dash of Suze adds bitter, earthy balance. It’s bold, big on flavour and guaranteed to sit front and centre of your cocktail repertoire.

Lemon Gin & Tonic cocktail recipe - Beefeater Gin
Lemon Gin and Tonic

Like a G&T? Like lemon? Great, you’re in for a tangy treat. Our Zesty Lemon Gin brings a new level of freshness to this Lemon Gin and Tonic recipe. It’s sharp, simple and perfect for a crowd. 


Pour a round or make a jug and let guests go in for a top up. And don’t forget the garnish. Add a lemon wheel and sprig of lemon thyme to your gin glass for extra zest with every sip.

Frozen Lemon Ginita cocktail recipe - Beefeater Gin
Frozen Lemon Ginita

When life gives you lemons, you make a Frozen Lemon Ginita, one of our most popular lemon gin drink recipes. It’s a cross between frozen lemonade and a citrus Daiquiri. What could be better? 


Diluted honey (a simple 2:1 mix of honey and water) balances the bitterness of fresh lemon juice. With lemon gin as the base. Grab your friends, dust off the blender and get making. There’s no better way to welcome the summer season.

beefeater peach raspberry perfect lady cocktail
Perfect Lady

Lemon doesn’t have to be the star of the show to elevate a cocktail’s fruity flavours. Like in the Perfect Lady, where fresh lemon juice pairs beautifully with peach, raspberry and orange to create a sweet, classic drink.


Shake gin, lemon juice, orange liqueur and a dash of bitters with ice before straining into a chilled coupe. A cinnamon and vanilla pod garnish adds a bit of sweet spice before serving.

beefeater gin fizz cocktail 16.9
Gin Fizz

If you don’t want something super lemony, but still enjoy a hint of zest, give a classic Gin Fizz a go. This simple cocktail is a close cousin of the Gin Sour and Tom Collins, so you know you’re in for an enjoyable serve.


Dry gin, sugar syrup and a dash of lemon juice are all you need to start. Plus some soda water and egg white to get the drink’s signature frothy, fizzy texture.

Lemon & Elderflower Spritz cocktail recipe - Beefeater Gin
Lemon and Elderflower Spritz

Gin and elderflower go great together. But when you add lemon to this classic duo, you get an extra dosing of deliciousness. And our Lemon and Elderflower Spritz is a great example. 

This refreshing gin drink combines lemon gin, Lillet Blanc and elderflower cordial for a super fruity, floral flavour. With a top up of tonic water or sparkling wine to bring the bubbles. It’s a great serve to make solo or with a group, adding fresh mint and lemon wheels to a jug for easy pouring.

Pink Lady cocktail recipe - Beefeater Pink Gin
Pink Lady

Tons of classic gin cocktails use lemon to showcase the spirit’s botanical flavours and bring additional freshness. Like the Pink Lady, which uses the go-to combination of gin, lemon and sugar.

In this recipe we use our Pink Strawberry Gin to make things extra fruity and give the drink its light pastel colour. It’s a great cocktail to serve on special occasions whether it be Valentine’s Day, Christmas or year round really.

beefeater gin bramble cocktail recipe
Gin Bramble

Lemon works wonderfully with other fruity flavours, like in a classic Gin Bramble. Citrusy lemon combines with muddled blackberries to elevate the fruit’s tart sweetness. With a pour of aromatic dry gin for extra botanical notes.

We also add pomegranate juice into our Bramble to pump up the fruity freshness. It’s a classic gin cocktail that’s great for spring and summer sipping.

beefeater zesty lemon digital asset winter toolkit lemon mulled wine 4x5
Lemon and Cardamom Mulled Wine

Who said lemon was just for summer? Our Lemon and Cardamom Mulled Wine is a hot gin cocktail that celebrates cosy winter nights. Refreshing flavours of citrus fruit and spice are found in every sip, perfect for drinking in front of the fire.

White wine is infused with lemon, cardamom, ginger and sugar, plus a dash of peach liqueur for extra fruitiness and a pour of lemon flavoured gin. Mulled wine just got a refresh.


After more gin drinks with lemon? Check out our collection of gin cocktails to discover the latest recipes you can make at home. From party drinks to gin cocktail pitchers, there’s a serve for every occasion.