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Get juicy with these orange and gin cocktails

Zesty, fruity, rich and refreshing. Nothing quite quenches your thirst like an orange flavoured cocktail. Especially when mixed with the clean, bold flavours of gin.


From orange juice to fruity liqueurs, there’s plenty of ways to put the citrus in your citrus cocktail. But our favourite way has to be with Beefeater Blood Orange. Back in 1876, our founder, James Burrough hand-selected oranges from London’s Covent Garden market to create an orange flavoured gin. And we’ve been inspired ever since.


So whether you’re after a light and fruity summer recipe, or a warming citrus winter drink, here’s our favourite orange gin cocktails to squeeze and serve.



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orange gin spritz

Orange, ginger and fresh lime come together in this super refreshing gin cocktail, perfect for summer sipping. Our orange flavoured gin spirit offers just a hint of fruity sweetness, whilst ginger ale and lime juice bring light spice and zest.


Add Prosecco or sparkling wine to give the Blood Orange Gin Spritz its signature fizz and garnish with an orange wheel and basil sprig.

beefeater blood orange sunset negroni cocktail aspect ratio 16 9

orange negroni

A classic Negroni already has a hint of orange thanks to the bitter, citrus notes of Campari. But if you want extra zest, make sure to try this new variation made with orange gin and Italian bitters.


The Blood Orange Negroni is as much a hit during summer as it is for winter cocktail hour. Stir over ice and garnish with an orange wedge for year round drinking.

beefeater blood orange hot negroni cocktail aspect ratio 16 9

hot orange punch

Warm up during the winter months with a steaming hot glass of Blood Orange Punch. It’s an extra fruity alternative to mulled wine for those who prefer a sweeter, spicier serve.


Fresh lemon, anise, ginger and cinnamon are steeped in a teapot with boiling honey water before being mixed with Beefeater Blood Orange. Simple, comforting and perfect for sipping in front of the fire.

beefeater cocktail london orange coffee aspect ratio 16 6

gin and orange juice

The iconic mix of Gin and Juice is a smooth two-part drink that couldn’t be easier to make. Choose your favourite ratio of gin and OJ to get started, serving over ice, with a straw or however you like it.


For the best serve, we use London Dry Gin which balances a clean, juniper flavour with strong notes of citrus. The perfect spirit to mix with freshly squeezed orange juice.

beefeater blood orange london coffee cocktail aspect ratio 16 9

orange espresso martini

Like coffee? Like oranges? Then you’ll love this Orange Espresso Martini. Sweet, fruity and packed with caffeinated flavour, it’s the new way to keep the night going.


Vodka is swapped out to orange gin to create an elevated citrus, coffee base. With grated orange zest for fresh sweetness with every sip. You’ll never go plain Espresso Martini again.

beefeater blood orange digital asset winter toolkit hot chocolate 4x5 aspect ratio 16 9

blood orange hot chocolate

Next time you fancy a cuppa cocoa, give our Orange Hot Chocolate a go. This boozy, adult-only twist on your classic childhood drink adds a sweet pour of orange gin to keep you cosy. Easy to make and seriously satisfying. 


Don’t miss a generous dollop of whipped cream to top your mug before garnishing with your favourite flavours. Grated chocolate, a sprinkle of nutmeg or scatter of ginger go down a treat.

blood orange metropolitan cocktail 1 aspect ratio 16 9

blood orange cosmo

Try this gin twist on a classic citrus cocktail. A traditional Cosmopolitan recipe mixes fresh cranberry with a triple sec pour to get the perfect mix of bitter and sweet. But we’re pumping up the citrus with this variation.


With orange flavoured gin, orange liqueur and an orange twist garnish, you can’t get more orangey than the Blood Orange Cosmopolitan.

blood orange metropolitan cocktail 1 aspect ratio 16 6

orange blossom

Gin wasn’t always so tasty. Back in the Prohibition era, illicitly made gins were mixed with juice and other ingredients to make them more palatable, creating a bunch of new cocktails we still drink today.


Orange Blossom is one example, a gin and orange juice drink that also uses sweet vermouth to balance out the acidity. Shake equal parts with ice and serve.

beefeater blood orange christmas margarita cocktail aspect ratio 16 9

spicy orange margarita

Citrus, spice and all things nice combine in this gin twist on the classic Marg. Blood orange gin and orange juice bring all those citrusy flavours, whilst a hint of hot sauce keeps things interesting.


Serve your Orange Gin Margarita in a martini glass with a lime juice and salt rim. It doesn’t get more zingy than this.

beefeater blood orange gin tonic cocktail aspect ratio 16 9

orange gin and tonic

Sometimes simple is best. And it doesn’t get more simple than a G&T. Use orange flavoured gin or orange flavoured tonic to achieve a citrusy serve and garnish with a fresh orange wheel.


Our Orange Gin and Tonic uses Beefeater Blood Orange Gin and quality tonic, with the addition of a sprig of basil to balance the sweet taste with a savoury freshness. The ultimate springtime sipper.

beefeater blood orange bamboo cocktail aspect ratio 16 9

blood orange martini

Another classic cocktail, another citrusy twist. The Blood Orange Martini is a great alternative to the traditional Martini, with extra sweetness from our fruity flavoured gin. 


The addition of Fino Sherry and a dash of Angostura Bitters makes this rich red drink extra interesting. A fruity, fun recipe to make for any festive occasion.

looking for more cocktails?

Get ready to make more orange gin cocktails at home with Beefeater Blood Orange. Classic juniper and citrus notes are infused with fresh blood orange for elevated fruity sweetness. Serve it over ice, add tonic or use in a cocktail to pump up the orange flavour.

We’ve also got plenty more gin cocktail recipes to make with Beefeater including fruity gin drinks and tons of variations on the Gin & Tonic. Which will you shake up next?

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