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12 sweet gin cocktails you’ll love to drink

You can’t beat a sweet cocktail. Whether for sunshine sipping or after dinner dessert, there’s so many deliciously sugary drinks to tempt your taste buds.


If you prefer a fruitier drink, then make sure to try our range of flavoured gins. There’s Pink Gin cocktails, Blackberry, Rhubarb & Cranberry and more. Each made with natural flavours and our classic London Dry botanicals.


So sweet toothed drinkers, listen up. From fruity fizzes to hot chocolatey drinks, here’s our favourite sweet gin cocktails.



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pink floradora

Make this sweet twist on a classic cocktail this summer. The delicious combination of ginger and lime is mixed with Pink Gin instead of vodka to create a Moscow Mule with a hint of berry. We call it the Floradora.


It’s slightly spiced, slightly citrusy and plenty sweet. A definite crowd pleaser that’s easy to make and drink.

beefeater peach raspberry tonic cocktail aspect ratio 16 9

peach & raspberry gin and tonic

If a classic G&T is a little too bitter for your liking, then make sure to try this fruity twist. Made with our Peach & Raspberry Gin, it’s packed with summer flavours, but still light and refreshing.


Make your Peach & Raspberry Gin and Tonic with your favourite tonic water and a garnish of raspberries and peach slices. 

beefeater pink strawberry gin pinklet cocktail aspect ratio 16 9


Get that serious berry freshness with a Pinklet. This super summery, sweet gin cocktail celebrates our Pink Gin in all its strawberry flavoured glory. 


Fresh lime juice and a dash of sugar syrup bring extra sweetness and citrus acidity to this refreshing drink. Shake with ice and strain into a coupe glass for a classic looking finish.

beefeater peach raspberry gin peach n tea cocktail aspect ratio 16 9

peach ‘n’ tea

Forget iced tea. It’s time for Peach ‘n’ Tea. This summer Peach tea cocktail is the perfect drink for lazy days in the sunshine. Refreshing, sweet and packed with peachy flavour.


Iced tea, lemon juice and our Peach & Raspberry Gin are poured over ice with a lemon wheel, raspberry and mint sprig garnish. Make one just for you or up the quantities to create a jug for guests.

mango ginita

Give a G&T a bold new makeover with Beefeater Blood Orange Gin. This fruity variation is refreshing, sweet and summery. With a colourful orange and basil garnish.

Blood orange has a distinctive sweet flavour that’s slightly more floral than your typical orange. This bittersweetness pairs perfectly with the botanics of Beefeater Gin. Get our Orange Gin and Tonic recipe and make up a round.

beefeater london dry gin creepy collins cocktail aspect ratio 16 9

pomegranate gin fizz

This pink drink is slightly sweet but not overpoweringly so. Perfect for those who like things light. It’s a fun twist on a classic Gin Fizz, so you can expect plenty of bubbles and freshness.


Our pomegranate gin cocktail uses fresh pomegranate juice to add a touch of fruitiness to the classic gin, lemon and sugar syrup base. Topped with soda water for extra fizz. Stir in pomegranate seeds for a fun, fruity garnish and a lemon slice for zesty freshness.

beefeeater pink strawberry bramble cocktail

pink bramble

Our Strawberry Bramble is a sweet sipper that puts an extra berry twist on a classic Bramble cocktail. It only takes two minutes to make and is packed with fruity flavour.


It starts with the go-to combo of Pink Strawberry Gin and fresh lemon, plus a dash of sugar syrup shaken over ice. Crème de Mûre is then added for a hint of blackberry richness and dark berry colour. 

beefeater dry pineapple coconut sour 1 scaled 1 aspect ratio 16 9

coconut pineapple sour

Head to the tropics with our Pineapple Sour. This summery cocktail balances sweet and sour flavours to make an exotic drink worthy of any warm afternoon. 


Fresh pineapple juice, lime and coconut water create this tropical drink, served with a frothy egg white top. It’s reminiscent of sipping Pina Coladas in the sunshine. But with a Dry Gin twist for a more botanical aroma.

beefeater peach raspberry peach frose cocktail aspect ratio 16 9

peach frosé

Sweet slushie cocktails are perfect for summer. And this frozen peach drink is top of our list. It’s quick, easy and guaranteed to go down a storm. 

Frozen raspberries and peach slices are blended with rosé wine and our fruity Peach & Raspberry Gin in a blender. Save some fruit to garnish your drink and serve in the sunshine with a straw.

beefeater blood orange digital asset winter toolkit hot chocolate 4x5 aspect ratio 16 9

blood orange hot chocolate

When it comes to hot cocktails, there’s plenty of ways to keep things sweet. And none are quite as good as a cup of hot cocoa. This boozy variation of your favourite childhood treat adds an orangey twist with our blood orange flavoured gin.


Try our Orange Hot Chocolate with a whipped cream finish and sprinkle of diced ginger to balance out the sweetness with a little bit of spice. It doesn’t get more comforting than that.

beefeater zesty lemon spritz cocktail 1 aspect ratio 16 9

lemon & elderflower spritz

When you’re serving a crowd, nothing quite beats a jug of Lemon Spritz. This light, bubbly cocktail is perfectly sweet and refreshing. Made for summer cocktail hour.


Zesty lemon flavoured gin and sweet Lillet Blanc blend with the floral flavours of elderflower cordial. Then top with sparkling wine or cucumber tonic water depending on how sweet and boozy you want your drink. Lemon wheels and mint leaves make for an elegant garnish – and don’t forget to add lots of ice.

pink strawberry cooler cocktail aspect ratio 16 9

strawberry cooler

Keep things cool this summer with our Strawberry Highball. It’s bright, light and fruity, the ultimate pink drink. 


Fresh muddled strawberries, a dash of simple syrup and a squeeze of lemon juice give this cocktail a fresh sweetness, with a pour of Pink Gin for extra berry goodness. Top with soda water to keep things light and bubbly, and serve with a strawberry, mint and lemon wheel garnish.


looking for more cocktails?

Discover more gin cocktails to make with Beefeater Gin. From lemony gin drinks to fruity gin cocktails. 

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