beefeater gin cocktail ginita aspect ratio 16 9

The best variations on a classic Gin and Tonic recipe

The G&T is as classic as it gets. Exceptional, natural botanicals served with light, bubbling fizz. Is there anything better?


Whilst you can’t beat our original Gin and Tonic recipe, we’ve found some fun ways to mix things up. From fruity flavoured gins to extra fizzy serves. Plus a spritzer twist that turns the G&T from mixer to cocktail.


The simple pairing of Gin and Tonic means it’s super easy to make your own. So you really can’t go wrong. But if you’re after inspiration, here’s our favourite variations to get you started. There’s enough to sip all year long.


beefeater gin cocktail ginita aspect ratio 16 9

frozen gin and tonic

When the sun’s shining and the BBQs sizzling, there’s only one recipe you need. Meet the Frozen Gin and Tonic, or Ginita as we call it here at Beefeater. Super icy and super refreshing, this one is made for balmy days.

Grab your blender and blitz lemon juice, sugar syrup and London Dry Gin with plenty of ice. Then simply top with tonic water and serve with a citrus garnish. It doesn’t get much better than that.

beefeater 24 spritz aspect ratio 16 9


Move over G&T, it’s time to spritz things up. This classic gin cocktail is a little bit more elevated, a lot more fizzy and just as easy to make your own. 


The classic Gin Spritz recipe mixes light and fruity Lillet Blanc with Beefeater 24 Gin for an enhanced grapefruit flavour. Plus a pour of your favourite fizzy liquid, be it Champagne, soda water or tonic. Garnish with a grapefruit slice and raspberries, and serve with plenty of ice.

beefeater peach raspberry tonic cocktail aspect ratio 16 9

peach & raspberry gin and tonic

If you’re feeling peachy, make sure to try our Peach and Raspberry Gin and Tonic. It’s fun, fruity and a little cheeky – the ultimate summer cocktail recipe.


Our Peach & Raspberry flavoured gin is where you’ll get the drink’s sweetness. Mixed with bubbling tonic and fresh fruit, it’s easy to make and packed with sunshine flavour. 

beefeater zesty lemon spritz cocktail 1 aspect ratio 16 9

lemon & elderflower spritz

Make the perfect springtime spritzer with this ultra fresh spin on a G&T. Using zesty lemon flavoured gin and elderflower cordial, the Lemon Spritz is as thirst quenching as it gets. 


Mix with Lillet Blanc for an extra hint of floral sweetness and top with cucumber tonic water to keep things light. The perfect mix of refreshing natural flavours.

pink gin cocktail aspect ratio 16 9

pink gin and tonic

If sweet and fruity is your vibe, Pink Gin is about to be your new favourite drink. Infused with rich, red strawberries, it’s a soft sweet twist on gin’s traditional botanical notes. And it’s an easy way to mix up a G&T.

In fact the Pink Gin and Tonic is so popular, it’s a classic in its own right. Pour with your favourite tonic in a highball glass and enjoy your pink drink all summer long.

beefeater blood orange gin tonic cocktail aspect ratio 16 9

blood orange gin and tonic

Give a G&T a bold new makeover with Beefeater Blood Orange Gin. This fruity variation is refreshing, sweet and summery. With a colourful orange and basil garnish.

Blood orange has a distinctive sweet flavour that’s slightly more floral than your typical orange. This bittersweetness pairs perfectly with the botanics of Beefeater Gin. Get our Orange Gin and Tonic recipe and make up a round.

beefeater rhubarb cranberry gin tonic cocktail aspect ratio 16 9


The G&T is a year round drink. But when it comes to the festive season, we love to make this seasonal flavoured variation. 


Using our Rhubarb & Cranberry flavoured gin, this one’s perfect for those who like things fruity and tart. A lime wheel garnish keeps things fresh with a dash of orange bitters to balance the sweetness. Get the recipe for a Rhubarb and Cranberry Gin and Tonic – it’s a perfect serve.

beefeater 24 cocktail gin tonic aspect ratio 16 9

botanical gin and tonic

You don’t have to add much to mix up a G&T and this botanical Gin and Tonic is proof. Made using Beefeater 24, this recipe is fresh, light and sharp. An elevated take on the classic mixer.


The complex notes of our botanical flavoured premium gin are perfectly tasted with light tonic water. Whilst a grapefruit garnish heightens the drink’s tart taste.

beefeater pink strawberry gin spritz cocktail


Get ready for summer cocktail sessions with the Pink Gin Spritz. This delicious strawberry take on the classic gin spritz is perfectly refreshing and plenty fruity. 


Serve Beefeater Pink Strawberry Gin with aromatic tonic and Prosecco in a wine glass. A splash of elderflower cordial balances out the sweetness whilst strawberry slices and a mint sprig create a fun and fragrant garnish.

beefeater zesty lemon gin tonic cocktail


G&T variations don’t have to be complicated. As is the case with this Gin and Tonic with lemon, a simple yet satisfying take on the original recipe.


You can make this recipe with both London Dry Gin, or our lemon flavoured gin for extra zest. Both pair wonderfully with Mediterranean-style tonic water for a light, fizzy finish. Garnish with a lemon wheel and sprig of lemon thyme to enhance the freshness.

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