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How to drink gin

Gin is a fascinating spirit. Complex yet versatile. Light yet packed with flavour. This clear liquid is one of the world’s most popular drinks. But what’s the best way to enjoy it?


The distilled botanical flavours of gin perfectly lend themselves to cocktails, mixers and on the rocks style serves. So to answer the question quickly, there’s plenty of ways to drink gin.


With that said, understanding how best to drink gin can elevate your sipping experience and introduce new recipes to try. 


So whether you’ve dabbled in gin cocktails or are a curious newcomer, let’s look at the best ways to drink gin.



can you drink gin neat?

Not only can you drink gin neat, but it’s actually the best way to truly experience the spirit’s complex flavour. Drinking gin straight allows you to taste every botanical and compare every note. 


Take your time with every sip and notice the different layers of flavours. Each bottle has its own unique profile but you’ll likely discover a hit of juniper followed by light citrus, subtle spice and a floral after taste. With Beefeater London Dry, you’ll also find a distinctive clean flavour with hints of soft almond, coriander and bittersweet liquorice root. Whilst Beefeater 24 contains even more natural botanicals such as grapefruit peel and Chinese green tea.


The best way to drink gin neat is chilled or over ice to soften the alcoholic burn without diluting it with other ingredients. Pour a single 25ml shot of Dry Gin into a glass over a large ice cube. It will melt slowly to mellow the gin and allow the botanical flavours to shine. 

what’s the best way to drink gin?

Neat, with ice, in a cocktail – there’s plenty of delicious ways to drink gin. The best of which depends on your personal preference. 


If we had to choose, we’d say a Gin and Tonic is the way to go. This unbeatable classic is as good as it gets, mixing 50ml of London Dry Gin with 125ml of quality tonic water to create one of the most refreshing cocktails in existence.


Here’s some of the most popular ways to enjoy gin.

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tonic water

Our favourite way to drink gin, and a favourite for many. A classic Gin and Tonic is as good as it gets. There’s few better ways to enjoy the complexity of gin’s flavour without sipping it neat, especially if you’re after a longer drink to complement a summer’s day.


Aside from the classic pour of Dry Gin and quality tonic water, there’s plenty of ways to mix things up. From different fruit garnishes to flavoured tonics like elderflower, ginger or lime. 


You can also experiment with different ratios or flavoured gins to make a whole host of Gin and Tonic variations. Like the Peach and Raspberry G&T, Orange Gin and Tonic or strawberry infused favourite, Pink Gin and Tonic

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soft drinks

If you’re not keen on tonic, there’s lots more soft drinks to drink with gin. From fizzy sodas that add a kick of citrus sweetness like lemonade and ginger ale. To fresh fruit juice and cordials. Check out our full list of the best gin mixers.

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gin martini

There’s a number of classic gin cocktails that grace the list of the world’s most popular drinks. But the Gin Martini is about as timeless as it gets. 


The iconic recipe of Dry Gin with a splash of dry vermouth is stirred with ice before being strained into a chilled glass. Simple and sophisticated. But like many original cocktails, there’s plenty of ways to make it your own. Popular Martini variations include swapping dry vermouth to sweet, adding olive brine to make it dirty and adding a pickled onion to create a Gibson.


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Gin’s versatility makes it the perfect spirit to mix into cocktails. From classics like the Negroni and Pink Lady, to more modern recipes like a Gin Bloody Mary and Gin Basil Smash. Whether the star of the show or an added ingredient, gin works with almost any flavour to shake up something delicious.



With many different types of gin and many different ways to drink them, it can be fun experimenting with various recipes for gin mixers and cocktails. Or trying the spirit solo by drinking it straight up to appreciate its flavour. However you drink gin, do it with Beefeater.


Want to learn more about gin? Discover what gin is made from and how it gets its unique flavour. And check out our guide to the history of gin to see how this beloved spirit became so popular. 


We’ve also got plenty more ways to drink gin, from easy gin cocktails to fruity serves. Find them all in our collection of gin cocktail recipes.

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