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8 cocktails made with gin and vermouth

For those familiar with cocktail making, vermouth has long been a bar staple. However you’d be forgiven for not knowing how best to use this alcoholic beverage.


The fortified wine comes in many forms, each flavoured with herbs and spices to add extra flavour to cocktails and mixers. The two main styles of vermouth are dry vermouth, which adds a light, floral twist. And sweet vermouth, a richer, red Italian wine that’s sweet, spiced and herby. The natural flavours of both are what work so perfectly with gin.


From the iconic Martini to a timeless Negroni, gin and vermouth have inspired many classic gin cocktails. But there’s also new ways to mix up these two delicious liquids.


Here we share our favourite recipes for gin and vermouth drinks.

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The Martini is the original gin and vermouth drink. Timeless, simple and seriously sophisticated. This two-ingredient cocktail is as good as it gets. 


Since its invention in the 19th century, the Martini has been shaken and stirred every way possible. And today there’s endless Martini cocktail variations, many of which are classics of their own.


Our favourite is the traditional Dry Martini. This recipe calls for dry vermouth – and only a bit of it. Some like a more equal ratio, but we prefer to let Beefeater London Dry Gin take centre stage, mixing 50 ml of gin with 5 ml of dry vermouth. A thin orange twist adds a simple, refreshing garnish to the iced liquid.

beefeaterdry martini 4x5 e aspect ratio 16 9


Use gin and sweet vermouth to create a Sweet Martini. It’s the simplest way to mix things up and get a sweeter serve without the need for extra ingredients. 


Another alternative is the Perfect Martini which splits the vermouth into a 50/50 ratio of sweet and dry. 

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Add a slightly bittersweet edge to the original Martini recipe with this delicious invention. The Grapefruit Martini shares another way to mix dry gin and dry vermouth. But this time with an unexpected twist.


Freshly squeezed grapefruit adds a tart note with each sip, elevating the natural refreshing citrus botanicals of Beefeater Crown Jewel. It’s a strong serve with an even stronger presence. 

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The ultimate gin cocktail has to be the Negroni. With just three ingredients mixed in equal parts, it’s a simple classic that’s been around for over a century. 


Perfectly bitter and beautifully refreshing, this sweet vermouth and gin cocktail has a subtle sweetness that’s balanced by the citrus edge of Campari. Make sure to stir with ice to slightly dilute the alcohol and chill for a silky serve.


Naturally there’s plenty of Negroni variations that mix up the traditional recipe. Replacing vermouth with Lillet Blanc and Suze achieves a lighter White Negroni serve. Whilst the addition of chamomile tea creates a Hot Negroni, perfect for cosy winter evenings.

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Our favourite remix of the classic Negroni bumps up the citrus. Meet the Blood Orange Negroni, your new way to drink gin and sweet vermouth.

Beefeater Blood Orange Gin adds a sweet, zesty twist for you to mix with your favourite Italian Bitter Aperitivo. Serve on a hot summer’s day under the rays or bring a cool edge to festive celebrations and embrace the seasonal orange flavours.

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The Gibson is a remake of the Martini, combining gin and dry vermouth. The only twist is a pickled onion garnish for those who love a touch of savoury. But rather than stop there, we added extra creativity with the help of Mr Lyan to launch an even fresher spin on the original.


The Red & White Gibson is a creative recipe that asks for cream vermouth, clarified spirit you can make at home with cream or milk. It’s one for those who don’t mind a bit of prep to reap the impressive reward.


Gin and OJ gets taken up a level with the addition of vermouth in this zesty spin on the Martini. It’s zesty, juicy and super easy to drink.


Orange juice, orange bitters and dry gin mix with an equal split of dry and sweet vermouth. The perfect recipe for a summertime serve that wouldn’t look out of place at brunch in place of a Mimosa.



If your usual gin cocktail is a Gin and Tonic, then you’re going to want to try this Italian twist. Sure to become a new at-home staple.


Next time you’re planning a G&T hour, grab a bottle of sweet vermouth and pour a dash into your glass. It elevates the gin’s natural sweetness and adds a bit of richness to the light, bubbly mix.

looking for more cocktails?

Looking for more? Don’t stop there. Experiment with adding dry or sweet vermouth to your favourite gin cocktails, the ultimate companion to Beefeater Gin.

We’ve got plenty more recipes to make at home including easy gin cocktails like the Gin Spritz or Bramble, to more Gin and Tonic drinks and fruity gin cocktails that bring the sweetness to summer.

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